3 Beers, Sweat and Tech tips for building a Saas

Building a Saas? Here are my B.S.T tips

Anyone who is looking to build a digital product or some sort of a SaaS offering and that too in Australia would know how much pain and money you need to pour into it!

There’s a blood(y) lot of work, sweat and technical decisions you will end up making despite of not being an expert in all areas. A lot that goes on and changes from your initial excited passion, product, idea stage to actually releasing something as even a 1.0 live to market!

Here’s my top 3 takes hope it helps you or if you have another approach, I would love to hear from you.

1) F* — can you D.I.Y instead?

The F- here is not a swear word but for “Funding” you can easily replace that with the F word and it would go well too!

A lot of start up’s or those with “I’ve got this great idea” vision tend to stop at some stage and start to search for funding and this I’ve seen may lead you to spending way too much time, effort, meeting, presentations, numbers (which most of us hate when you are a start up and there is nothing to share!).

The myriad of Google searches about valuation methods which have no consistency and every person you meet has a different verion of the story to tell.

The time that you may well have spent putting together your product vision rather than waste your time having those coffee’s, waiting for that email to meet someone who can ‘possibly’ be sold on your idea and ready to actually invest.

So, if you have the confidence and more importantly the money to take a calculated risk just “F*” Do It Yourself. The chances of getting more ROI at a later stage is a lot of higher. Remember not to put your family or lives at risk though and take a calculated risk approach! Being risk averse is not a bad thing. My first start up I saved up some money doing extra work outside of my day job working late nights and over weekends. I also had 2 year old, moved to a new rented apartment and worked off my dining table.

Remember to also do a litmus test at the idea stage before you get stuck and too deep into it both from a commitment and monetary point of view. I recommend do not sell your idea to your mates but to complete strangers and new people with relevant experience who can give you good and constructive feedback.

I’ve spent countless hours over coffee’s + beers just networking, talking, meeting, presenting to a large variety of people and must say 80% of the time I felt they learnt more than me from the meeting and the other 20% were being sarcastic or had some hidden agendas such as trying to sell their services. Look, this well may have been me journey so far. But I can already clearly see what a big difference the consulting side of the business has to the product side.


NO is a very tuff but magical word — use it daily.

By the time your idea sees the light of day either your enthusiasm may seem to fade, your lawyers give you a hard time or the technology becomes meaningless….you will need to jump several hoops and self-excite yourself every day to stick to your vision. Learn to say “NO” to yourself (and definitely others) when you think there is a deviation from what you set out to achieve. Stick to you vision. This is why you are here.

3) P.M.A

Nothing is possible without PMA

When I was a kid, I knew a very successful business person who used to wear a locket close to their heart with the words inscribed “PMA” for “Positive Mental Attitude” — without PMA, nothing is possible.

BTW, I am referring to our platform AOTOMOT for mobile and App developers to use and products are on the way with “push notifications” released which you can check out here.

Built with LOVE by my awesome Team at Mobiddiction. it’s not been an easy journey but I’m excited about the future products and new features we’ve got lined up.

Hold that thought!




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